Company profile
Chaozhou HuaZu Food Co., LTD. Was established in 2005, the registered capital of 3 million yuan, covers an area of 6600 ㎡, with factory building and meat food production line article 10. Existing staff 250 DuoRen, 35 professional technicians, senior rank 3,. The company is located in chaozhou, guangdong province shantou, chenghai city economic development of three golden triangle area, all around, is a natural huanjiang inland island, beautiful environment, and no industrial pollution, especially for food processing production.

The company integrating scientific research, breeding, processing and trade in the integration of science and technology, large scale enterprise, realize marketing through-train production research, industrial structure diversification, is to develop the deep processing of agricultural product, agricultural comprehensive utilization of agricultural technology, comprehensive development of the modernization of the agricultural enterprise. The company persisted "to the market as the guidance, take the science and technology as backing, the development of three tenors agriculture export, aims to promote the industrialization of agriculture" as the aim of management and the "company + base + farmer" model of development, and constantly expand the business scope and product sales channels, the company has engaged in the production, the sale: agricultural and sideline products, the chocolate candy fermentation sex bean products; The processing, the sale: roast meat, shredded meat, sweet (la) bowel, ham, bacon, wide type was (cis), aquatic products, salt dry grilled fillet, YuSong, snack food, biscuits, face and its products, hardware, not stainless steel products, household kitchen appliances, clothing; Sales: fruit, food groceries, grain and oil products, beverage, shoes, ceramics; ;Agricultural and sideline products, the main meat processing acquisition business. The company existing laboratory, the cold storage, water and sewage treatment facilities and automatic slaughtering line, high temperature sterilizing line and the power of form a complete set such as room of equipment, the company existing main products are the meat and other products, cis products sell all over the country.